We in the Kirk of Calder seek with God's help to encourage and give opportunity to all to grow together in faith and service.
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Music in the Kirk

The Kirk of Calder's Conacher organWorship has taken place in this historic church since the 1500s. The  architecture, with its stained glass and vaulted ceiling is not only visually impressive but help to provide the fine acoustics. 

Early in the church, sang schules (song schools) were common. Boys were taught church and instrumental music, and often arithmetic reading and writing. The Choirs and instrumentalists took part in the Sunday services and the masters of sang schules usually had the position of precentor (first singer) in main town churches, and led the singing helped by the boys they had trained.  

Pictured to the left is our own Conacher organ of 1888 which is a fine example of the type of organ that most churches had by the end of the nineteenth century.

Violin, flute guitar and even pipes instrumentalists make a valuable contribution from time to time in our own worship. We also welcome outside groups such as Bathgate Concert Orchestra, Broxburn and Livingston Brass Band, and our own Choirs, The Selah Singers and The Choral Highlights Ladies Choir who all make regular contribution to our Services. 

The Choir in addition hold two annual concerts in the Kirk and also perform at other venues throughout the year.

John Rankine, Director of Music 

Our Organist and Director of Music, John Rankine LLCM (TD) , (pictured right) holds occasional ‘teach ins‘ of new hymns before the service and is usually met with smiles and good humour and the congregation’s participation is always greatly appreciated. The music also helps set the mood before the service as well as during the collection and other times. The organ is there to lead the congregation in singing, keeping  a steady time and everybody together. 

The variety of music in the church changes to reflect the time of the year or the nature of the service, whether the music has a background of classical, Scots, folk or modern, all types are used in worship. Some reflect the changing times and others have a timeless quality. The organised players and singers are here today as they have been over the centuries. 

Singers for the choir and instrumentalists are always very welcome. Please see John Rankine after the Sunday Service or  telephone him on  01506 880029. 









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