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Following the completion of the website in 1998,  one of the first ever weddings as a result of a "virtual visit" was held in the Kirk of Calder  in 1999

The Story .... In early March l999 Chasanne Sherrer and Steve Gallien* (from Atlanta Georgia, US), after having visited the Church Website and having fallen in love with the 16th Century building, e-mailed the church to ask if it would be possible to get married here.

They became engaged while hiking in Scotland the previous year, loved the country and the people and thought that they would like to get married in this country.

Surfing the web they came across this website, created only months before, and wondered if it would be possible to have a wedding at Kirk of Calder.

When we got the request Andrew McLeman, who maintains the website, contacted the minister the Rev John Povey and discussions took place by e-mail on how they could be accommodated.

To cut a long story short, and after finding out what formalities are required, a fantastic wedding was held on Friday the 21st May 1999. Many members of the congregation accepted the open invitation and attended the ceremony. It was covered at the time in many local and national papers and on radio.

Steve and Chase (taken at the church on their wedding day)

Chasanne Sherrer and Steve Gallien from Atlanta 21/5/99

Steve and Chase have kept up their connection with the church and have revisited the Church a number of times including for a blessing for their daughter Eilidh in 2001 and for the wedding of Andrew Mcleman (Webmaster of the Bride) in 2007.

More photos on the Kirk Photo Album



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